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28 Jun 2016
Airbnb rental: how to make the perfect bed

A bed is important. Very important. You sleep finally a lot of hours;)

If you rent an apartment and you want to just go a step further, you can choose a perfect bed to make up for Airbnb guests. perfect bedshould look top and will welcome additional guests with a luxurious feel.

What do you need for a perfectly made bed:

  • A spacious double bed
  • a flannel
  • fitted sheet, a luxurious cotton and satin
  • A high-quality comforter taking into account the time of the year and the expected temperature
  • A luxurious cotton or satin duvet cover with matching pillow protectors
  • cushions
  • Extra cushions
  • A beautiful bedspread with other appropriate color or pattern than the duvet cover
  • luxury towels

If you have all the supplies you are ready to make the bed. You can make the bed as always with the flannel directly on the mattress, the fitted sheet on top of the flannel, the duvet cover on the duvet and pillows on top places. The next steps for the perfect bed:

  1. Make sure you build layers and shows. So partly shows the fitted sheet on the cushions using a folded quilt, duvet so let see with fold, at the foot of the bed lay the bedspread (which therefore creates an additional layer). Then use the extra pillows and cushions in order to create even more layers.
  2. Make sure that all layers are pulled tight.
  3. Fold all the sheets (duvet and bedspread) at the end of the bed so that they are good clip. That also makes it easier to keep all the layers tight.
  4. The duvet and bedspread should not have wrinkles so ironing if necessary.
  5. Put the extra playful decorative pillows on the bed (not symmetrical to the normal pillows). Try a nice color combination so that they stand out from the normal pillows.
  6. Lay neatly folded towels down at the foot of the bed. frame for king size bed

Remember at all times: LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS.

If you have all these steps will you bed a prominent place in your bedroom. If you have your bedroom with the perfectly made ​​bed so the picture put in your  Airbnb  classifieds, guests will get faster too!


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