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28 Jun 2016
Airbnb rental: how to make the perfect bed

A bed is important. Very important. You sleep finally a lot of hours;)

If you rent an apartment and you want to just go a step further, you can choose a perfect bed to make up for Airbnb guests. perfect bedshould look top and will welcome additional guests with a luxurious feel.

What do you need for a perfectly made bed:

  • A spacious double bed
  • a flannel
  • fitted sheet, a luxurious cotton and satin
  • A high-quality comforter taking into account the time of the year and the expected temperature
  • A luxurious cotton or satin duvet cover with matching pillow protectors
  • cushions
  • Extra cushions
  • A beautiful bedspread with other appropriate color or pattern than the duvet cover
  • luxury towels

If you have all the supplies you are ready to make the bed. You can...